Sign Stands

Pogo Sign Stand


Push-in-ground type sign stand for roll-up signs only. Holds 36- or 48-inch roll-up sign, 7 lbs. Ideal for mowers or surveyors with ever- changing work sites.  $32.50


H-Frame Stand 

Push-in-ground type sign stand for 24×18-inch aluminum yard sign. Sign slides into holder and can be displayed from both sides. 10 lbs. Perfect for advertising on work sites.  $26.50

Tripod Sign Stand

T-55 Tripod

Sign Stand – a durable stand with highly visible powder- coated Orange tubular-steel legs. For 36- and 48-inch roll-up or aluminum signs in light wind conditions, 10 lbs  $42.50

T-155 Heavy-Duty Tripod Sign StandT-155 Heavy-Duty Tripod

Sign Stand with highly visible, powder-coated Orange steel legs. Designed for *roll-up or aluminum signs. Comes with triple flag-holder, 18 lbs.   $72.50

Stacker sign stand

Stacker Sign Stand

Portable sign stand with the very low-profile 42-pound rubber base and upright stub to hold roll-up sign in place.  For roll-up signs only.

(Sign sold separately).  $106.50

Dynalite Sign Stand
Dynalite Springless Stand

Ideal for display of roll-up signs in low-wind conditions:
SDL1000W – 22-inch steel Orange legs, 22 lbs  $99.50
DL1000W – 22-inch aluminum legs, 15 lbs  $104.50
DL1003W – 30-inch aluminum legs, 17 lbs $122.50

Uniflex Sign Stand

Uniflex Spring Stand

vertical, light-weight single-coil spring. Designed for 36- or 48-inch roll-up signs only. Aluminum and steel construction. Telescoping legs have two position height adjustment and anti-skid foot pads. Holds sign 12 inches off ground. 22 lbs  $139.50

Dynaflex Sign Stand Dynaflex 3003W

(Top Seller) Our most popular fold-up sign stand for roll-up signs features dual torsion coil springs. Remains stable and flexes in strong winds. Telescoping aluminum legs include fast kick-release system and anti-skid foot pads. Holds sign 12 inches off ground. 22 lbs. (Sign sold separately).  $149.50




Heavy-duty sign stand holds roll-up signs 5 to 7 feet off ground. Dual vertical coil springs provide stability in strong winds.  (Sign sold separately). 

STF1008-RUB, 34 lb $216.50

TF-18RGB Heavy Duty Dual Coil Spring

Twin Flex

TF-18 Heavy-duty sign stand. Holds sign 18 inches off ground. Features durable twin vertical springs and is designed for aluminum or roll-up signs, 38 lbs Popular in construction and utility fields. (Sign sold separately).  $198.50

Taller display options:
– 5 feet off the ground, TF60, 48 lbs  $268.50
– 7 feet above grade, TF84, 49 lbs  $279.50
Jersey Barrier MountsJersey Barrier Mount

JBM-TF18 sign stand mounts to highway concrete barrier. Features heavy-duty dual vertical springs.
(Sign sold separately).

JRB1A Springless Stand option. $134.50


Guard Rail Sign Stand

GRNS Sign stand without springs for aluminum or roll-up signs. Mounts 36- or 48-inch signs to guard rail with clamp system.
(Sign sold separately).  $188.50

(GRWS) with dual vertical spring to dampen the effect of wind gusts.
(Sign sold separately). $234.50

Portable Sign Stands

Square 20-lb Rubber Sign Base – A “Green” product made from recycled tires. Comes with White 5-foot PVC post, rain-cap and pair of sign mounting brackets.
20-pound Rubber Base - Square$64.50
STOP with rubber base 30-lb Octagon Rubber Sign Base with White 5-foot PVC post with rain-cap and sign mounting brackets. (Add $15 for wheels). 30-pound Rubber Base - Octagon$78.50
60-lb Octagon Rubber Sign Base with White 5-foot PVC post with rain-cap and sign mounting brackets. (Add $15 for wheels).


60-pound Rubber Base - Octagon$124.50


FlexPost Portable Sign Stand FlexPost with in-street warning signFlexPost Anchor and Post FlexPost Sign Stand – Portable sign stand comes with 32-lb rubber base, post anchor and round 5-foot flexible polyethylene post. Stand is hinged to absorb impact and return to normal upright position. Up to 18-inch wide signs attach directly to post with bolts/nuts (hardware not supplied). Light weight and very portable. 36 lbs. (Sign sold separately).

FlexPost without rubber base. Post and anchor can be directly bolted to concrete or wood surface without use of rubber base. It is designed to take multiple hits by slow moving vehicles without damage to sign or vehicle. (Sign and anchoring sold separately).



portapole PortaPost Sign Stand –  Portable sign stand ideal for signs up to 12×36-inch. Attractive, sleek  pyramid-shape 18-inch base with post stands 48 inches (58-inch option available) pre-drilled plastic post. Pair of 3-inch recessed wheels and ball-top finial for easy transport. Fills with water or sand (up to 50 lbs of weight), and withstands winds up to 40 MPH. Choose Black, Blue or Yellow base.  Empty weight, 8 lbs (Sign sold separately).

XL PortaPost Sign Stand – A 24-inch wide base that stands  4-, 5- or 6-foot tall. Weighs up to 70 lbs when filled with sand or water. Maximum recommended maximum sign size is 24×24-inch. Comes in Black or Yellow (add $25).





Combo Sign Stand Combo Sign Stand – Portable sign stand (24×45-inch) with 14 gauge galvanized steel steel legs and three plastic 24×6-inch panels. Light weight and portable. Perfect for display of sidewalk signs or traffic control during power outages or other emergencies. Holds 24- to 30-inch signs (not included), which are bolted directly to legs. 14 lbs (Sign sold separately). $44.50
14- or 18-inch Pedestal Base with PipeWheels for 14-inch base only

Stanchion Sign Stand (Top Seller) 14-inch round Cast-iron Black base with 4-ft post (top 2 feet flat for sign mounting), 32 lbs. Light enough to easily move, yet durable enough to withstand light wind. Add $20 for wheels. (Sign sold separately). 

18-inch Base – Larger, heavier version of round cast-iron Black base with 4-foot post (top 2 feet of post flat), 37 lbs. (Add $20 for wheels). (Sign sold separately)


Pedestal Sign BaseReplacement Stub Sign Pedestal Base & Stub– 15-inch cast-aluminum portable or permanent sign-post base. Supports #2 U-channel, square or round post (holes must be drilled in round post). Mobile for temporary signs, or can be anchored to pavement permanently with anchor bolts.



30-pound Portable Rubber Base with universal insert
30-lb Octagon Portable Rubber Sign Base with versatile universal hole insert that accepts any standard traffic sign post – 2 3/8-inch Round, U-channel (2 lb/foot) or square tube (1 3/4- or 2-inch). Comes with four reflective Yellow safety stripes.  Use of 1 3/4 square post requires 2-inch stub, which is included on request.

60-lb Octagon Portable Rubber Sign Base with versatile universal hole insert that accepts any standard traffic sign post – 2 3/8-inch Round, U-channel (2 lb/foot) or square tube (1 3/4- or 2-inch). Use of 1 3/4 square post requires 2-inch stub, which is included on request. Features four reflective Yellow safety stripes. 






Parking Lot Tire-Stops & Speed Humps

Parking Lot Tire-Stop – 72 inches x 7 x 4.25-inch. Made from recycled tires, 40 lbs. Available in solid Black, Blue or Yellow, or Black with reflective Yellow or Blue stripes.
Speed Bump Speed Bump 2-inch tall for 5 to 10 mph zones. Made from recycled tire rubber. Comes with one 39-inch long x 14-inch wide middle section, 35 lb, and two 7-inch long end pieces, 8 lbs. (Add $54.50 for each additional middle section). $86.50
Speed Hump Speed Hump 1 1/4-inch tall speed hump designed for speed zones of 10-15 mph. Comes with 23.5-inch long and 18 1/2-inch wide middle section, 47 lb, and a pair of 10-inch long ends, 8 lbs. (Add $78.50 for each added middle section). $143.50